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Jeff Chow April 24, 2014 Tips & Tricks

We seem to be have intermittent crashing on some devices since iOS 7. We are continuing to investigate and squash bugs. 

In the mean time, you can try a couple things to get CTRL+Console running. 

  • Close all other apps on the device
  • Restart the device to clear the memory

If those steps still don't resolve the issue, please contact us with the device you are using (iPad Mini, iPad Air, etc.) and paste a copy the crash report from the device by doing the following:


Emailing from a device


  1. Start by opening up the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Privacy -> Diagnostics and Usage -> Diagnostics and Usage Data
    1. (iOS7: General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data).
  3. Select a CTRL+Console crash from the list. This will start with “ctrlconsole” and contain the timestamp of the crash.
  4. Tap on the crash and you will see a text field with a crash log. Long press to Select All and then Copy the crash text.
  5. Paste it into something you can get off of your device (for example, an email to yourself) and then into the support ticket.

With your help we'll get this fixed!


Jeff Chow August 2, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Originally from ticket #147.

I can't seem to get the installation correct and working.
Is there a step by step install guide?

Michael C

Hi Michael -

As for an install guide - currently there's only the one in the app (which you can replay in the settings/gear icon). A video one is on my to-do list. But here's how it works.


- Download the CTRL+Console app to your iPad on the App Store
- Go to your computer and download and install the desktop app for Mac or PC from http://ctrlconsole.com/downloads
- After it installs, it will appear as an icon in the menu bar / task bar (a black cross/stop sign on Mac, a green one on Windows)

- Now back on the iPad, go into settings (the gear icon) and you will see your computer name. This can also be done in the welcome screens. (If you don't see your computer name , check troubleshooting below)
- Tap it to connect and the bar across the top of the app will turn green which indicates it's connected to the computer. It will blink yellow when it send messages.

- Now that it's connected, open the desired program (Quicktime, Premiere, FCP) on your computer and its console on the iPad and have fun!

- No computer's listed - Restart your router and computer. If it still doesn't work, check the network settings to allow Broadcast messages or contact your IT department about allowing broadcast messages to be passed along the network. Public networks usually block them - in these situations use a direct adhoc network.
- Bar is green, but no commands sent - Restart your computer. If you run any of these application as an Admin, you will also need to run CTRL+Console as Admin. You can also try running the CTRL+Console desktop as admin
- Some buttons don't work as expected - Make sure you are using the default shortcuts and have selected the proper console version from within the console (CC, CS 6.0, etc.) Also, we have a known issue related to non-QWERTY keyboards. We're working on it.

- Unable to connect, using Symantec Endpoint Protection: See https://ctrlconsole.zendesk.com/entries/71377019-Symantec-Endpoint-...

Give that a go and let me know how it works out!


Jeff Chow July 31, 2013 4 Announcements

Bonjour, Hola, Tag, and Hello!

We've found an issue with our desktop software that is preventing it from adapting correctly to non-QWERTY keyboards - causing consoles to not operate correctly for anyone using one of those layouts. We know this prevents many of you from experiencing a properly working app and are furiously working on a fix. 

We also need your help to fix the issue. We believe there might be two aspects to this bug. One is that we aren't translating keys properly (when we intend A, it sends Q), two is that your default shortcuts are different in your country (A = arrow tool in the US, A = something else). To help us figure it out please add a comment below with your country's default keyboard shortcut files. I have added the US ones here for comparison.

Help us fix it! Include in your post below (examples):

  • Operating system (Win/Mac):
  • Version (Win 7, 10.8):
  • Keyboard layout and country (AZERTY, France)
  • iPad version (3rd Gen):
  • Which console you are using (Premiere EDITOR, CS6):
  • The keys that don't work and what happens when you press them (undo closes the window, jog wheel causes a ding):
  • The proper keyboard shortcut as listed in the shortcut list (Undo = CMD + Z, Prev Edit = ù):


You may find success by switching your keyboard language to U.S. English (QWERTY)

You may also gain more success by loading the Default US keyboard layouts below. 

We know this is not ideal or something you want to do permanently, so we are working hard to make it compatible with your layout without modification - but let us know where these workarounds work and what doesn't.


Thanks for sticking with us we hope to have a fix shortly. But your help in diagnosing the problem will be greatly appreciated!

- Jeff

Jeff Chow July 26, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Originally from ticket #69.

What can be done to decrease lag time? Sharing an Airport wifi, jog shuttle has a noticeable lag, especially for frame by frame work. Please also consider adding frame arrow keys for greater precision at moving one frame at a time.



We've found the lag time to be very minimal - but did notice that on some computers with footage from DSLR's and other long-GOP footage the jog wheel exposed lag that always existed on your system, but wasn't noticed.

One way to check lag is to place your cursor in a text box and hit buttons on the console (mark is a good one) and see how fast an 'm' shows up. When your cursor is in a text box, the console essentially becomes a very strange keyboard. The jog wheel will move the cursor left and right (if there's enough letters to work with) giving you a better feeling for the lag of our system.

If that feels responsive, then it's probably the long-GOP footage causing the feeling of lag. (Explanation of long-GOP below). What I recommend is to try transcoding media to a proxy format (prores 422 LT is a good choice) and testing the jog wheel on one of those clips.

Let me know how it goes!


*What is long-form GOP footage?
- Nearly all DSLR's record in a long-GOP format where it records one full-frame and then records changes to that frame for x frames until the next full-frame. This allows the camera to enjoy the reduced file-sizes, but also means a reduction in quality (compression artifacts) and an increase in overhead when that footage is edited. This is opposed to an i-frame format that records every single frame in full. Scrubbing through long-GOP footage smoothly requires a high-powered system (it's slow on my 2013 2.7 Ghz Macbook Pro Retina) or transcoding to a proxy format like prores.
- Some examples of long-GOP formats: AVCHD, H.264, MPEG4

Jeff Chow July 24, 2013 Tips & Tricks

You may have heard this already, but certain gestures appear to launch my mac's microphone voice command. It will be interesting to see if the user speed can be as fast as keyboard commands after putting in some practice, but in terms of just using for jogging/playback/etc, I already prefer it. Thanks for the good work!


Awesome, thanks! Yea, that dictation thing is a bug.

The best workaround is to open up dictation in preferences and change it to one of the other keyboard shortcuts (not hit fn key twice).